Halakhic Sources


Daniel Sperber, “Congregational Dignity and Human Dignity: Women and Public Torah Reading”Edah Journal, 3:2, 5762/2002

Mendel Shapiro, “Qeri’at ha-Torah by Women: A Halakhic Analysis“, Edah Journal, 1:2, 5761/2001

Tamar Ross, “The Feminist Contribution to Halakhic Discourse: Kol be-Isha Erva as a Test Case“, Emor, vol, 1, 2010

Rabbi Zev Farber, ‘Partnership Minyanim: A Defense and Encomium’ [reply to Rabbi Barry Freundel]

Chaim Trachtman, ‘Partnership Minyanim: A Response to Rabbi Barry Freundel’

Chaim Trachtman, ‘Partnership Minyanim: A Follow-Up Response to Rabbi Freundel’

Rabbi Josh Yuter, ‘Land of Confusion: A Response to R. Broyde on Women Leading Kabbalat Shabbat’

Marc B Shapiro, ‘Partnership Minyanim and More’ (A Response to R Freundel and R Zev Farber)


Rabbi Barry Freundel, ‘Putting the Silent Partner Back Into Partnership Minyanim’

Rabbis Arye and Dov Frimer, ‘Partnership Minyanim’


Chaim Trachtman (ed.), Women and Men in Communal Prayer: Halakhic Perspectives (Ktav 2010), a collection of papers by R. Daniel Sperber, Prof Tamar Ross, R. Mendel Shapiro and others

The Rebbetzin’s Husband, Resource Guide: Changing the Role of Women in Public Prayer

Yehuda Herzl Henkin, “Qeri’at Ha Torah by Women: Where We Stand Today”, Edah Journal, 1:2, 5761/2001

Elana Maryles Sztokman, The Men’s Section: Orthodox Jewish Men in an Egalitarian World, (University Press of New England, 2011)


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