About This Minyan

torahParticipate as men and women join together in tefilla in a way that is wholly committed to maintaining halakhic standards and practices and also includes women to the fullest extent possible within the boundaries of Jewish Law.

Email us at partnershipminyanlondon@gmail.com and join our Facebook page for further information and updates.

A Partnership Minyan is a prayer group that retains its adherence to Halakha. This means that the minyan must include at least 10 men, women and men are separated by a mechitza, and the traditional liturgy is used. At the same time, in an effort to create a partnership between the participants, before the service starts it is customary to ensure ten women are present alongside a male minyan, women may participate fully in kriyat ha’ Torah, including leining and receiving aliyot, and may lead parts of the prayer service such as pesukei d’zimrah and Kabbalat Shabbat.

The Partnership Minyan is a space in which every effort is undertaken to ensure that all the individuals present are valued for their ability to contribute in their own ways to the tefilla. Everyone is encouraged to be an active participant, whether leading a service or joining in the davening from either side of the mechitza.

The London Partnership Minyan is committed to planning services in a variety of locations, helping those who wish to set up their own minyanim, and organising learning opportunities where people can come together from across London for shiurim and for study.

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